Christmas is a beautiful time of the year but just how safe is a dry tree inside your house?  It is not all that uncommon for fire to strike without warning destroying your home, causing injuries or death during this joyous season.

In 1996, Joe had a new idea for a Christmas Tree fire extinguisher. 

The idea includes a small household ABC type fire extinguisher connected to an extension-mounting adapter. A dispensing head and valve at the top of the shaft would restrain the pressurized contents of the extinguisher until needed. 

With the unit securely mounted to the tree trunk, the lights and decorations could be applied as usual. In an emergency, the intense heat from a fire would melt a temperature sensitive strip mounted on the dispensing head and put the fire out, similar to a system used on exhaust hoods in restaurants. 

Although Joe sent this invention to his patent attorney, he decided to pass on the idea because of another extremely worthwhile innovation that later came to mind, LifePath Technology.

Do you remember the 2006 American Inventor winner? It was the Guardian Angel Christmas Tree Fire Extinguisher. First Alert approached the inventor about his product on the show. We haven't seen it yet, but hopefully someday it will be on the market.

A new way to escape home fires.


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