During the summer of 1964, Joe Ellul developed his first invention at the ripe old age of sixteen. At this point, his life evolved around school, work and his personal bedroom space. Although sharing a room with a younger brother was fun at times, it also limits your privacy.

Joe purchased a new stereo system but did not know where to keep it safe in the small area. Back then, a stereo amplifier, turntable for records, tuner and speakers were quite large. A simple table would not work because he wanted to keep it secure so it would not become his little brothers play toy. He decided to build a unit that would enclose the stereo components inside the table.

The next day he found a cabinetmaker to help him with the project. Joe showed him a drawing of the table and explained how he wanted it built. With minimal cash on hand, he agreed to build the table and accept small payments as the project progressed.

With the table construction in place, the next step was to create a drive system that would move the center portion of the table up and down, James Bond style, at the press of a button. Joe went to a welding engineer to build the custom-made system. Once he explained the idea to him, the necessary parts were acquired and the device was underway.

After showing the newly completed coffee table/stereo to his family, he decided to patent the idea. Shortly after, Joe contacted a attorney and arranged a meeting to show him the functioning prototype. This picture shows how the invention is used today, installed in a cabinet with a pop-up flat screen television.

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