LifePath was inspired one evening when a newscaster announced that two children died in a Tampa Florida home fire. The girls simply turned the wrong direction and could not find the exit door in the smoke. As Joe Ellul listened to the report he thought, “with today’s technology this tragedy could be avoided”. 

After his new idea was transformed into a working model, he contacted the local Deputy Fire Marshal to schedule a brief presentation. During their conversation, they decided to test LifePath in a real home fire the following month. As several firefighters entered the burning building they disappeared through approximately 30 feet of heavy black smoke however, they reported that they could still see the high intensity flashing strobe light. This was undisputable proof that a strobe light could be seen under dense black smoke and that it could be utilized as an emergency escape exit-marking device. 

For over 30 years, strobe light and sound units have proven to be effective for alerting occupants in public buildings however, recent National Fire Protection Association statistics reveal that more people are injured or die in residential fires than in public buildings. LifePath was created to fill that void and offer homeowners the same life saving benefits in an easy-to-install wireless package. 

According to a Consumer Product Safety Commission representative, LifePath solves the home fire escape-planning problem - you simply follow the light. Joe has never forgot those two young girls and with his patented technology, this tragedy can be avoided.

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