In the early 1970s, Joe loved to go pheasant, quail and rabbit hunting with his friends in the Michigan fall.  It didn't take long before he had two lovable dogs of his own that he could train and have fun with during hunting season. As the dogs grew, so did their thirst for water. The bowls were replaced with pots and then a large pail but it still wasn't enough. He thought that if the pail was accidentally knocked over and no one was home, the dogs would go without water. 

To solve the problem, he bought a new galvanized mop bucket and a toilet float/valve assembly from the local store. He anchored the pail to the side of the house and redesigned the toilet float to adapt to the bucket. The water supply line was revised to accept a standard garden hose fitting.  After that, as long as the water spigot was open, the dogs had as much water as they needed.

This picture shows how the invention is used today.

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