For over 30 years, strobe light and sound units have proven to be effective for alerting public building occupants. However, statistics reveal that more people are injured or die in residential fires than in public buildings. On average, seven people die in American home fires daily. LifePath is patented “Exit Marking” technology that can help home occupant’s get out of a deadly fire alive. As exit-marking codes target all buildings, public and private they open the door to a massive residential marketplace. The founder is presenting a business plan to prospective financial partners in an effort to raise a $15 Million Investment to launch a new business and subcontract the entire build, marketing and distribution process for all LifePath products. For more info contact Joe Ellul the inventor. is a new full-featured SaaS application that targets a massive global marketplace. Its comprehensive format dramatically reduces the cost and time required to conceptualize, prototype, and create this model. The application may be optimized for viewing on all wireless mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. Within a short time a development team can build a strategic database and publish this exciting application to the Internet. Live The American Dream... Now that the innovation portion of the application is created the founder is offering a 50/50 business partnership/license to a person or organization that has funds available to build the database, market, maintain and operate this business. For more info contact Joe Ellul the inventor. 

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